Do you really want fries with that? ~ Week two

I’ve decided the juicy topic of food and body image should do the trick this week. The moral panic that has been created through the media and society can be viewed both ways. Some people argue that advertising is making people fat, some argue that it’s making them anorexic.

The idea that everyone’s body has to fit into a certain box created by society and the media is as ridiculous as getting a salad at McDonalds. If you stripped two people of everything down to their skeletons you would find that some people are simply built bigger than others.

Is it the media or society that is to blame for the moral panics that have been created around food? I think it’s a mix of both, blended as smoothly as a Boost juice. Not all media is to blame for creating the bad relationship between a person and food. A person’s reaction to the media is what impacts on their overall body image (be it positive or negative). A person could see a slim model and think ‘I wish I looked like her’ or they could think ‘she is so skinny, I’m glad I’m not like her’. It comes down to people’s perceptions of themselves, their environment and how partial they are to chocolate.

However, at the same time, the media has an impact and influences the consumer’s opinion through the messages that they send through. The media vs. society debate seems to be a never ending cycle much like my cycle of chips to ice-cream and back to chips again. The media puts out a negative message relating to body image, and the consumers take it on and spread it – like vegemite on toast.

Due to the development of social media, the public are no longer left to be consumers (eating) of the media but also to be producers (cooking). People are able to comment through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more on others appearances, whether they are ‘fat shaming’ or ‘skinny shaming’.
Social media is like using a microwave instead of a slow cooker.
It speeds up the recipe for determining if one is fat or skinny. The preparation, cooking and reaction time is much shorter than it used to be due to the instantaneous nature.

In the end body image and food has become a moral panic and it needs to be reviewed by category because there are so many ways to slice the cake.


Reviewed material:

Photos from Google Images, type in food porn


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