A solid 9/10, 3/10, 8/10, 5/10, 8.3/10

Suva Harbour, Fiji \ July 2016
taken by @wanderdayphotos (check out the grams)

I thought I’d start off this semester with a quick review of how I ended up after last semester. I wanted to record how I was tracking in the four important areas of uni – fun, money, grades and sleep.

9/10 – FUN
Sticking to the status quo, semester one of uni was heaps of fun. A lot of partying, drinking, travelling, stories, memories and friends. I tried to jump into as many different things as I could – sports, work, volunteering, activities, clubs, etc.
I continued with soccer and netball just like high school. I also started reading at the local primary school as my community service. I joined the surf club and got my Bronze Medallion. Among all this I joined a bunch of other clubs that have since never heard back from me although I do intend to participate in most of them in the future.
I became a weekly visitor at The Grand Hotel (aka grand) and The Illawarra Hotel (aka illa/retro).
I managed to do all this as well as make a bunch of stella friends. We got a good group together and did the whole eat street markets, dinners and movie things together. Moving around a bit I dabbled in a few different groups, all which had their perks of course.
Overall, it’s been a pretty gr8 semester for fun and I’ve really thrown myself at UOW.

3/10 – MONEY
As to be expected, I am flat broke. There have been several weeks when my only expense was food and that money came from mum so that I didn’t starve. And yes, some meals were sacrificed for my precious weekly goonies. Although I didn’t manage the goonie wall decor, I have gone through my fair share. I’ve mastered the art of going out and spending nothing at all – much easier being a girl though. There was a low point in the semester when I had to ask a mate for 2 $1 coins for washing because I couldn’t afford to get any cash out. Having a credit card this semester has really not done me any favours. Just as I get out of debt, the plastic comes out and I’m back to square one. I started leaving the credit card at home to resist the urge however..one time I tried to buy petrol and had to fill out a form because I couldn’t afford to pay without my card. This semester is proof that money doesn’t buy happiness although, it does make life more comfortable. Without a broke period in life, you have no stories though. I’m just hoping that mine is out of the way now #bringonthemoney

8/10 – GRADES
I was surprised too don’t worry. I’m not quite sure what happened here but I think I balanced the work/play lifestyle well. Unlike highschool, I was doing subjects I actually cared about, not just whatever was available. Of course there were subjects I very strongly disliked (LHA101 I’m looking at you) and that was all in my class evaluation. However, the majority of my classes, I actually really liked. Suddenly I’ve realised that if I actually put in a consistent effort and do a little bit every so often, I’m not stuck doing everything at once (this did happen anyway though, naturally). Onwards and upwards from here. Since working my grades suffered a lot. Mostly because I was still partying just as much but I had heaps less time to actually work. Onwards and upwards from here, hopefully this semester I can nail the balance with work this time.

5/10 – SLEEP
With an excellent work/play balance, often comes a terrible sleep counter part. I know it’s important, but so is my retro night date with Shannon Noll and the Greese medley. I’ve never been much of a sleeper, so with all the extra things I’ve been doing, there is of course, no time for sleep. Which is fine, except when I’m hungover and falling asleep in my tutorials. Also waking up at 7:30am for work everyday really takes it out of you when you’ve gotten used to the 11am starts. I guess my 8:30 Monday lecture should see I’m in morning mode for the week. As long as I have no tests in the afternoon, I’ll be fine. A 6:30 wake up call isn’t that bad for me, even when I go to sleep at 2:30 the night before. But if you need me anytime between 2-5pm, don’t bother. This is why I’m studying Spanish – siestas will be permanently built into my adult life, I swear by them.

8.3/10 – OVERALL
Ups and downs included, UOW has given me a rad first semester. Of course, it’s been nothing like I thought and as someone from a tiny 500 people country town (Gunning, don’t go there), having all these people suddenly around me is pretty awesome. College has definitely been the highlight and if possible, I want to only have the semester from o-week to week 4 on repeat. After that people get tired and it’s just a semester of the freshman flu. UOW has heaps of awesome clubs, facilities, events, bars, etc. all the important things. Wollongong has been my favourite house move by far and it’s a sick location for someone just getting into photography. Sneaky plug here, if you’re still reading this then go me – check out my instagram for some great photos of my semester and various trips I’ve taken this semester.

Watch this space. (Mostly because of assessment, but also I’m pretty alright)


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