Thoughts for 2017

The road ahead.
2017 brings to me new dream, goals, adventures and ideas.
A few things before I begin; I will be splitting this year up into a) and b). Simply because from June onwards I plan for my life to be very different than how it is now.
For a) I’m taking one Polaroid everyday – not necessarily a reminder of anything important at all. I’m trying to capture the little parts of my everyday life and get creative. So when my life changes in b), I will remember how it once was.

I’m also continuing on from 2016 where I’m focusing on 10,000 steps, one hour outside every day and not wasting days.

On top of this – with a wedding I’m attending in July, I have made the switch and gone vegan, I am walking a lot more and endeavour to hit up the gym once I’m more settled in my job.

And finally – I’m aiming to take up more opportunities and stop wasting days. I don’t want to take anything for granted and I want to leave as big of a foot print as I can. I’ve started this blog, I’ve restarted my instagram (@jaxgoes) and I’ve started reading books again. Specific books. Ones that help you become and stay inspired, take action, and not waste anything.

Alongside “taking opportunities”, I’m trying to work on happiness and confidence. So I’m reading this book “The Slight Edge”by Jeff Olsen, and he mentions another book (coming soon – I’ve momentarily forgotten the name), about happiness. Basically, because I didn’t want to write a list of things I’m grateful for, or meditate, I have to journal everyday about things. More specifically happy things. I think I’m actually done for today.

I might post later about each Polaroid so I have record of what actually happened that day.

For now, Jayqueline out.


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