Day 1 – Day 8

Two and a bit weeks in already. With the Polaroid a day thing I mentioned in my previous post, I am maybe planning to bring in the important ones. Highlighting the story behind that day or that photo – if there is one. For the rest of the photos I will just simply state what’s in it. I’ll recap Day 3 to Day 8 today and slowly build up till I’ve done them all.

Disclaimer: I don’t have photos of the photos yet but I’m sure I’ll get them soon. Also I started taking them on Day 3 (03.01.17) so that’s why I’m starting there.

Day 3: redecorating my room and recuperating on my last day off before starting my new full time job. Photographed my wardrobe that’s covered in tickets for planes, museums, sports games and other fun things.

Day 4: first day at work. Come home and my friend was having a moment so I had to capture it. Photographed my friend being looked after in her room after a low key mental breakdown.

Day 5: don’t remember much – a day of heightened emotions. Photographed my bed and empty room to be dramatic and show that sometimes I have days like that; empty.

Day 6: day 4 friend and I getting ready to go out for celebratory drinks due to me finally being employed for the first time since November (almost 2 months). Photographed in my room by the other friend in day 4.

Day 7: a guest at our house being hella excited about his new singlet. He absolutely loved the idea of a Polaroid and so I took this for him and he loves it. Photographed in the main bathroom right before he brushed his teeth and got into bed (totally don’t do these last minute).

Day 8: all the house practically (4 of 8) leaving for a work trip. Yes they all work together. Except my model friend in the middle who was saying by to them in her bikini because we were about to go to the beach. Side note: got very sunburnt that day. Photographed out the front of the car in the garage.

The first weekish was pretty full on emotions wise. Coming into a new year always is. I wasn’t 100% ready for 2017 as I hadn’t really let go of 2016 yet but once I started to get into a routine and began thinking more about the 2017 goals everything became clearer. More to come with a) the photos and b) the rest of the days.

I did go on a crazy adventure over the weekend. That will come in the next ‘story time’ post so keep an eye out for that one.

For now, Jayqueline out.


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