Day 9 – Day 24

So here we are – most people have finished up their New Years resolutions by now. Everyone’s back at work, and the slow motion of the year has begun. Except of course for the younger generation who are still on holidays until next week (I think – slackers). So there are a few things I wanted to run over today. There’s this book I’ve been reading and for lack of a less dramatic phrase, it’s changing my life. Also obviously the photos I’ve been taking. I might even add in something at the end if I think of it.

Anyways, moving forward in the year I am starting to tire already of full time work and the two hour train ride both ways. Finding less and less time for healthy eating and exercise, I’m already being tested on how well I can make it through these challenges. So I’ve been reading this book – and for any people I know in real life reading this, I’m sorry, I know you’ve heard about it 100 times already. The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olsen.

This book is already changing me. I have mixed feelings about it because whilst I acknowledge that it is very repetitive and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it’s working. It’s your classic self-help, motivation, determination and all round ‘get up and do it’ kind of book. As I’m reading it I feel my mindset changing. It’s changing from “yeah, I wanna do this and that and eventually end up at x” to “I am going to do this and each day is a new opportunity to get me there. It’s actually going to happen this time”. Now this is sort of a cool thing for me because I am one of those people who has tried and tried again to ‘get fit’ and ‘be better’ and ‘save money’. Of course none of them have happened because I’m still sitting here today. So that book is a definite must read for anyone looking to flip their life around.

So here we go with the photos;

Day 9: two phones because in my corporate job I have two. Slightly off centre not because I’m arty but because I can’t tell how to line things up.

Day 10: the North Wollongong traino because that’s where I get on every morning and get off every afternoon.

Day 11: slightly skewed photo of Dennis the fish and a room mates car keys. Looks very arty but again, just bad aim so don’t be fooled.

Day 12: my wall of three artworks above my bed. Top right is a lead pencil drawing of the Eiffel Tower twisted like a snail that we snagged on a street corner in Paris, the middle is an artwork from a Sydney street side that uses colour and mini pictures to write my name “Jax”. Finally bottom left is another piece of street art that was purchased of a city scape in Amsterdam in roughly 2012.

Day 13: the beautiful sunrise from my balcony overlooking the city of Wollongong and a little bit of ocean too. (Also the day of the Byron road trip).

Day 14: from inside my car at the Yatala drive in cinema at the Gold Coast.

Day 15: at home, a broken mirror outside my door. My room mate tried to take it into my room for the good lighting and took it sideways so it smashed (go figure?).

Day 16: all my room mates back together again having a somewhat ‘family night’. Apologies to my Norwegian room mate who has been cut off because I still am unable to point the camera in the right direction apparently.

Day 18: (first missed day) our balcony at night and yes I aimed well for this one.

Day 19: actual photo of Hayley from storytime – getting ready to head out after an evening of beer pong (red cup style).

Day 20: Roma Lounge in Liverpool – my first working event. In my gold sequin sparkly dress I walked around taking auction payments and raising money for charity.

Day 22: (another missed day) the back of Hayley’s older sister’s legs after a Sunday spent lying in the sun with patchy sunscreen on (trust me, it doesn’t do it justice).

Day 23: my Norwegian room mate probably getting excited about Dennis the fish. Man he loves that fish. (Photo was actually pay back for day 16 where I forgot him completely)

Day 24: my darling room mate Natalie in front of my work outfit ready to go for my first meeting with clients.

And so that brings us to the end of the photos. With obviously more to come as each day passes.

The final thing I just wanted to touch on was that I have been looking around at doing some photography work experience on weekends and days off to help improve my knowledge and experience for a resume. One company also told me that they have an opening and I have my first event this weekend for a house party. Will keep posting updates on how that progresses if at all (here’s hoping).

Jayqueline out.


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