Fluid Storytime ~ Hayley, Sarah and the rest of them

So here I am – with a lot of events taking place before this moment in order to get me here in these circumstances. A drunken decision to put it simply.

I’m sitting on a plane in seat 19C (right over the wing might I add – and no matter when I book I am always over the wing). Next to me is Hayley writing away in her freshly cracked open travel journal. 19B and 19C, and the nice quiet lady next to us in 19A. Here we are on our way to the infamous Surfers Paradise to once again get away from the rain. Sadly Selena could not join on the adventure this time around – she’s moved back into university and has shifts working there.

How did we get here? It started back in November. I had just gotten my tax return back that day and had paid off my credit card (I was finally debt free for the first time all year!). I had either just quit my job or was just about to and I was getting ready to go out. I had spoken to Hayley earlier that day about Tiger Air. Apparently they were having a sale because it was their 9th birthday. I jumped online and booked the cheapest flights I could find and managed to snag two return flights to Brisbane in February for just over $150 (bearing in mind it’s usually at least $150 EACH).

Moving through to this morning, or even last night where it began. I left work and headed for home, taking several wrong turns along the way. I visited Selena at campus and met up with my other friends who had since moved in too. The whole purpose of my visit was to dry my washing but low and behold I was there until 2:30 in the morning. When I got home of course I had to pack, organise my cameras and electronics, do a face mask and organise my bathroom draws. So naturally I went to bed at the ripe old time of 5am; without setting an alarm.

9am: mid dream I get rudely awoken by Hayley’a somewhat panicking yet remaining calm face. We didn’t need to leave until just before half past but also I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. We got ready and drove to Sutherland. Hopped on a train after making a few ‘friends’ at the traino (if you know Sutherland then you’ll know what I mean).

Eventually we made it to a cafe at Mascot. We sat down and had a quick breakfast before getting an Uber to the airport and that pretty well catches you up to this point.

What is the plan from here? Get off this Brisbane bound flight and head to more public transport to make our way to Nerang station and then get a bus to our hostel before heading out to the cinema for “Fifty Shades Darker”. Hayley is a big fan – she’s been waiting for it for two years so she’s pretty keen, which is good because the tickets cost me $60.

Sarah, Hayley’s sister joins us tomorrow and then the holiday really begins. For now – I’m going to try and sleep the rest of this flight and get ready for five days of fun.

Jayqueline out.


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