Storytime ~ 3 girls, 5 days, a delayed flight and a lot of alcohol [part one]

Now the trip has ended I will have to begin the exciting yet depressive act of reliving what is over for good.

To take off where I left it (it’s funny because I was on a plane last time) – I’ll start from getting to the hostel. Hayley and I got the bus from Nerang station for free and headed towards the beach. Getting to what seemed the closest stop to our hostel we got off and walked for about 20 minutes. Now 20 minutes might not sound like much but trust me when I say that is relative. We walked in the heat, and because our flights were so cheap we didn’t get check in baggage but by god did we make sure we used every kilo of carry on we could. So there we are, two girls who’ve come from torrential rain that morning, walking in clothes that are way too warm holding these heavy duffel bags because it would clearly be ridiculous for anyone bring a bag with wheels. Regardless of this – we made it to the backpackers, got our key, our linen, and even got our towels without the steep $2 fee most get charged. We make our way to our room upstairs in the corner, number 16. In our room we have two sets of single bunk beds (three empty), one wall mounted desk fan that points to the middle of the room, one chair, one bench and one small bathroom. And of course there’s Crunchy. Crunchy was our 30-something, half naked, tattoo covered room mate who was very…talkative. We learnt so much about him in the first ten minutes and I don’t know that we would have hooten our own information in if we’d tried. Crunchy was from the south, he was travelling for a bit and although he was super friendly, he gave a bit of a dodgy vibe off – which I assume came from him trying to sell us drugs at least once. He was the type of guy that would talk to anyone and wouldn’t judge you unless you judged him, he was there but not quite there you know? He also had the best tattoo I’ve ever seen; “Life is Such”. Unfortunately we never got the chance to ask but we could only assume that it was a play on the age old saying “such is life”.

We dropped our stuff, got changed and headed out. To be honest this storytime is a lot more blurred and I’m writing this without editing so apologies for holes in my story – just have to get creative I guess. We caught the tram to Pacific Fair (PAC Fair) and walked to the cinema on the only non-pedestrian road in surfers paradise. Fifty Shades Darker was great in my personal opinion – I won’t go into details because you didn’t come here for spoilers; just know that Hayley and I were super underdressed for Chicks at the Flicks and didn’t win the raffle either. Once it was over we started walking along the tram line, toying up the idea of getting on. We sat on a wet chair next to a creek of some sort and talked for an hour or so until we realised that we were a) quite tired and b) further from home than we realised. We jumped on a tram and began our way home.

The next morning we woke up relatively early for holidays – around 9am. By no means was this because we wanted to wake up, this was all because it was too hot to stay in our stuffy dorm room with its stupid singular desk fan that points to nowhere. So we got up, got our swimmers on (until Hayley realised she didn’t bring any and needed to but some) and headed into town. We got a Boost Juice and a doughnut from Doughnut Time. We walked over to Cavil Ave which is basically the closest thing to a ‘main drag’ they have in Surfers and we sat down on a park bench outside cotton on. This might just seem like another day however, as Hayley chucked her doughnut box in the recycling she also managed to slide her iPhone 7 in as well. At this stage it’s important to visualise the type of bin we were working with here. One of those big rectangular bins with a metal casing. That might seem fine – however this one also had one of those metal sheets over the top so that people couldn’t easily get into the bin. So after being on the phone to multiple people from the Queensland council, Hayley (with my assistance obviously because she was too short) dove into the bin, legs flying around with me holding them to make sure she didn’t fall in completely. After a few attempts we got the phone and Hayley decided we needed to just get her swimmers and get in the water because although the bin was mostly empty, those recycling bins do fill up with some odd liquids at the bottom which coincidentally was right where her phone was.

Cut to the beach, Hayley had a moment of ‘wow’ at the waves. This is where I cut in and remind her that it is “Surfers Paradise” for a reason. We jumped in the water briefly but like everyone else in the water, only got up to about our knees because the current was so strong. We lay on the beach but as it was the middle of the day by now, we couldn’t stay for too long without frying. We grabbed our things and headed back to the hostel. After chucking on some loose clothing to counteract the heat, we sat down and ate a burger each, chips and both had a beer too.

We saw some guys at another table with Vegemite a spoon and a camera. They were having a laugh and we were watching cautiously to see what they were doing, suddenly remembering it was such a novelty here. They saw us looking and invited us over. One was from France and one from Belgium. The French guy was filming people from around the world trying Vegemite, by the spoonful. As much as we tried to tell them they were doing it all wrong, they insisted. Next thing you know Hayley and I were giving it a go – showing to them that it’s really not that bad (it was awful in a spoonful but we held it together).

Eventually we had to leave to go get some food supplies and get ready for Sarah to arrive. On our way to the shops we got sold on some tickets for a pub crawl and what not for the remaining four nights we were there. After returning from the shops we had gathered a few snacks and things we could munch on for a few days, we headed downstairs and asked to grab a seat across from some girl on her phone. Her name was Ash, she was our age and from New Zealand just here for a few weeks. We got to talking and eventually convinced her that if we could get it relatively cheap, she would come out with us the next day.

Sarah arrived and what a sight that was, walking up the broken half gravel half concreted driveway with her Louis Vuitton bag and all her “I’m from LA” clothes on. It was amazing. Mind you Sarah is great, it was just to great a juxtaposition to miss. We dropped our bags and from there made ourselves dinner in the very restrictive hostel kitchen. We were having a very basic tin spaghetti on toast. However, we didn’t have any butter or alternative, and there were no bowls to heat up the spaghetti and so we toasted our bread in the toasters that had to be held down by us, then put cold tin spaghetti on and went from there. Sarah and Hayley did their hair and makeup and then helped out with mine to make me semi passable for the club. We headed down to the hostel bar for a drink or two and then walked to this club called “The Bedroom” where we had free drinks from 9pm-3am. It wasn’t too eventful as far as the other nights go – a few hook ups here and there and then we made our way to the kebab shop before heading home.

Waking up the next morning sweeties than the first night, I climbed down the bunk bed ladder and sat with Sarah and Hayley. Crunchie left nothing to chance and offered us some more bourbon and vodka even after giving us the wine. We kindly declined his offer. It’s at this time, mid morning around 11am that a girl walks through our door and her friend walks into the room next door only to find that obviously in our four share room, there isn’t a bed for her. After talking with the receptionist we find out that Crunchie had stopped paying for his room 3 days ago and was never meant to be staying here with us. He started frantically packing up his things and in the process donated to me a book on the Afghan war. Once he left our new room mate Maddy came in and sat down. She seemed pretty cool. Little bit shitty but that’s expected when you’ve been travelling and you just want a shower and this guy is in your bed for no reason.

Later in the day we decided to go to PAC Fair again to escape the heat. We stayed there until the shops started shutting and we had to head back to get ready for yet another night of fun. Night two. Night two was pretty great because I managed to call up Phil the guy who had sold us the tickets in the first place and get one for Ash for only $30. We headed over to him at around 6:30 and bought her ticket before heading home to get ready. Please keep in mind here that I was going to dinner with some long standing family friends at around 7:15 so I had very minimal time to get ready. Anyways, the family friends were nice enough to book a vegan restaurant and my God it was good! I also got interrogated on my beliefs and why I was vegan which was not what I needed right before heading out but anyway, that’s a story for another day. Eventually dinne ended and I got myself an Uber to town to meet the guys on the pub crawl.

I’m going to end it here and do a part two – still got three nights to go.

Jayqueline out.


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