Day 25 – Day 34

Back again I am beginning to reflect on the year already. As I’m writing this post, it’s almost March. I’m almost two months into this year and it’s long enough to begin my reflection of how I am progressing in life comparatively to January. Financially I’m nothing if not worse off but I’m working on it. Relationships I’m doing okay in – no real positive changes except I wrote Nanna a letter in the mail. Health and fitness are going average, it’s very up and down but I went for a run this morning so that’s good. I’m actively trying to move my body more but my eating is definitely what’s holding me back. Mentally I am doing quite well. This writing is really helping to clear my mind, almost like a form of meditation. Work and career wise I’m doing well, the job is starting to pick up but it’s really interesting and I’m loving it so that’s always good. Ummm I think that’s pretty much everything. I’m currently writing a post on moving out – which I’ll be doing in about three weeks. I’m not sure where I’m moving to just yet but I need to figure it out ASAP.

Anyways, we’re here to go through the days I’ve had since them. Now to me, because I’ve missed a few, some of these seem like a long time ago so bear with me. I’m going to start putting dates on as well so you can get the accurate time line.

Day 25 25.01.17: from what I can remember it’s the day before Aus day so I came home from work to meet Selena and my housemates and this was the shopping, merchandise, food and drinks we put together before the big day.

Day 26 26.01.17: great Australia Day with friends at two house parties, the beach and pictured here are Nima and Tor my room mates, dressed up as Aussie as it gets.

Day 27 27.01.17: Selena’s finger pointing out to the sun setting over the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. I had the pleasure of checking out her childhood home as she packed it up and began to say her goodbyes.

Day 28 28.01.17: My roommate Annie had her last night before she moved out and back to campus (to live with Selena). So this is her getting ready.

Day 29 29.01.17: the sad truth that is Annie’s empty room. The way it looked before she moved in for the summer.

Day 31 31.01.17: my tattoo of today’s date in memory of my brother who passed 15 years to date.

Day 31.2 02.02.17: my friend Alex in her room back in Canberra. She’s my only friend who came from home to Wollongong with me and we had a lot of teenage memories in that room including dealing with break ups together, getting ready together, making big life choices together.

Day 32 05.02.17: just the fan. Because is was fucking got that day.

Day 33 06.02.17: my room mate Tor trying to get a good angle with his new haircut. Mostly he was just sad he didn’t make it into other ones and because we usually have tea time at home after everyone’s in bed, he wanted a photo of him.

Day 34 07.02.17: just my room with the Polaroid photo decorations (also I’m sorry. Photos will be coming soon. Maybe this week?)

So those are the days up to heading to surfers. So I’ll save those for once part two comes out.

This weekend work has an event in Canberra so tomorrow night (Thursday) I’m heading down after work to my brothers place and then staying there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will be good to have so much time to see my niece and the rest of my family. I might even go visit my other brother, Nanna and some friends. We’ll see!

Jayqueline out.


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