Storytime ~ 3 girls, 5 days, a delayed flight and a lot of alcohol [part two]

Jumping right into the night out with the girls. I rock up about 2 hours sober compared to these gals. Hayley met me outside and I get my ‘I’m single’ stickers on so I’m ready for a party and everyone knows it. I go straight to the bar where we bump into Ash and Sarah and I buy multiple rounds of shots for myself and the girls. Of course they do nothing so we head to the dance floor but only for about 10 minutes before they announce that it’s time to head to the next club where the name says it all; “Sin City” (again). Because we’re 4 girls, we get bumped up to the front of the line and head straight in. Of course this wait was not as quick as I’ve made it out to be and the shots have started to settle in so we all decided to make a group trip to the toilets because what else is the club for if not a communal bathroom trip. Somehow this bathroom is even better than the one at The Bedroom. I rush off and the girls start taking selfies. There are lights everywhere it’s like a show room. Perfect for makeup before a concert or performance. Eventually I realise they are more ahead of me in their blood alcohol levels than I initially thought so I decide I need to go home and ‘rally’ if you will. I text them goodbye when I’m already exiting the club and I start the 8 minute walk home.

On my way walking home I come across two guys sitting on some steps on the street side trying to sell their music. They have CD’s in covers and are selling them for whatever the buyer believes it to be worth. I ask them about their music and decide ‘eh why not, I should give them some money for sure. I’m only going to use it for alcohol’. So I cross the road and go to the ATM thinking I’ll give them 20 each or get out $60 and give them 30 each. Of course the machine only did 50’s. So I get out $100 thinking I’ll be using the money later in the week anyway. I ask the guy at the counter of the convenience store next door if he has some change for me and he says no, rather aggressively actually. So I head back over to the musicians, I get very dramatic and explain the story and how I could only get 50’s. They’re both such genuine soles and are sitting there consoling me about how it’s okay to disappoint them and then I pull out my hands and simply say ‘so I’m going to have to give you 50 each’ and their reaction was totally worth it. They gave me extra CD’s and thanked me over and over again. To me it was 100 dollars but to them who knows what it means but they were definitely more appreciative than most are for anything. Psyche and Foster I believe are the names of those two artists. Their music is actually quite good which is rare these days but hey, budding musicians should always be supported in my eyes. It’s a hard industry to get into and they were spending their Friday night sitting on the street.

Anyways, I eventually got home and even though the whole walk home I was telling myself I was going to come back and head back out, the second I stepped foot into that room, everything changed. Maddy was home and still up (for it wasn’t even 12 yet) and I talked her through my thoughts, not because I thought she cared but because I needed to talk it through. I decided to stay home. I had a shower, washed my makeup off and got into my pyjamas. I had a text saying the girls were coming home anyway because Hayley couldn’t stay out any longer and apparently needed to be put to bed. But that second before I climbed up my ladder I stopped as I heard them coming up the stairs to our room. I knew I’d have to let them in so I opened the door and into my arms falls Hayley. Definitely needed to sleep that off. Meanwhile Sarah and I farewelled Ash as she headed down to her room. Sarah and I chatted for a bit about what they got up to since I’d left and then she said she was still keen to head out. This is where the devil rally voice comes out and tells me I shoul head back out. So I get changed back into my outfit, Sarah redoes all my makeup and we sit outside as I drink as much goon as I can in the shortest period of time. The night clerk comes through and smells my goon and lemonade and asks if it’s goon (alcohol is prohibited), I don’t say anything as he makes a reassumption that it’s just lemonade and I joke around with him and agree. Eventually he leaves and Sarah and I begin munching on a bag of salt and vinegar chips before I have the ingenious idea to get two ciders, hide them in the chip bag and that way we can head out to the town. On our way we find a trolley so naturally sarah jumps in, we Snapchat it all whilst laughing hysterically and drinking the cider and eating the chips.

We head straight back to sin city and Sarah finds herself a lad who happens to be staying in the Q1 (very fancy tall building). So we head back there briefly for the snap and then we leave. Not a moment after the front door shuts, Sarah realises her clutch is in their room still. Not remembering that Q1 guy (literally can’t remember his name) his phone was dead, we both called him a million times before I had a very ‘Mike from Suits’ moment and remembered the room number. We buzzed it, he came down with her clutch and we proceeds to walk the wrong way down the tram line before sneaking on (illegally I know) and walking home. Whilst the walk home was uneventful, getting in the door was something else. Or should I say in Sarah’s case climbing through the window because she ‘forgot the key’. That was a snapchat to never forget. Anyways, she did that and then we got inside and went to bed.

Of course the next day I wake up to find the key I used to get in the first time, was in my pocket still – which was hilarious for me, Sarah didn’t quite think so. Anyways the next day we did the same thing as before, Vegemite toast for breakfast, a swim in the pool and then by 11 when the sun got gross we headed for PAC Fair with all the air conditioning. Oh and yes we bid farewell to Ash with promises of seeing her in Sydney sometime the following week.

I’m thinking a part three is in order.

Jayqueline out.


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