University – what’s the point

The thing that gets me about uni is I hear all these people whinging and complaining about all these last minute assignments they have to do. In uni you have the most time you’ve ever had to do an assignment or study for a test (with the exception of the few that spend all of their free time working). Yet not only does everyone start late, they complain about having to do the actual work.
I don’t understand going to an institution, paying sometimes up to tens of thousands of dollars, spending years studying when you don’t enjoy it. Just to have a piece of paper at the end. If you’re studying, you shouldn’t be dreading a single class. So many people at university are so entitled and ungrateful and they feel it’s okay to complain that they have access to a tertiary education. I can’t fathom how offensive it must be for someone who’s gotten the opportunity to go to university through a scholarship. Some people never could have dreamed of going to university yet here’s a whole lot of entitled people complaining that they have to do work to get their degree.

People need to remind themselves that university is a place to learn more about something you’re interested in. People need to be grounded and stop being so entitled and thinking that it’s fine to start last minute because they don’t care. People need to start caring. People need to go to university to gain skills and knowledge in their field of choice, not because they think they have to. What’s the point of going if you find it boring, tedious and never want to put in the effort.

I understand that university (and college that stands alongside it) is a time for partying, socialising and having a good time, but there’s no balance. Rarely is there conversation of “I’m doing this topic and it’s really interesting”. More often than not if you ask someone about how their degree is going at the moment, you’ll hear about all the boring subjects they have to take and the awful group assignments they have to ‘endure’. You’ll hear stories of the all nighters they had to pull not because they’re a busy person but just because they were out of balance and didn’t manage their time well enough. I hear these stories again and again from a whole array of people. We need more grateful people at university who are glad to have the chance to learn, and less people taking it for granted.

Jax Goes.

Find me at @jaxgoes on Instagram or @jaxperrin for Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube (coming soon).


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