it’s time.

finally it is time for me to release my secrets and let everyone know. i am going away. most people are asking me where i’m going for my holiday; to me though, it’s not a holiday. it’s so much more. it’s a move, a journey of self exploration and finding the people i am meant to be with. i have an unwavering pull to leave my surroundings and societal norms have been pressuring me and crumpling the voice inside me that has always told me the same thing.

go. go as far as you can. learn through experiences and truly live out the life you’re meant to live.

so that’s what i am doing. in twenty nine days i will fly out of this country and be off on a life changing journey. i don’t have very much money saved. i don’t know anyone over there and i don’t have a particular plan. i just know i need to be there.

i have told my work that i will be leaving and a huge weight has been lifted. i feel like i am able to get excited now. i was never meant to be in an office, climbing the corporate ladder. i knew that and said that from a young age. i am a part of this earth, and i am meant to live in it. not in the concrete jungle that we see in our cities today.

i ask you to join me as i go.

Jax Goes Out.

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