the wrong place.

i am so uncomfortable. i feel like there’s a voice inside me that has been stifled for so long. as i get closer to my leaving date, it gets more and more restless. sitting at this working desk, willing the days to go by. i was never meant to be chained to this 9 to 5 lifestyle. i knew this from a young age.

usually its’s excitement leading up to a trip, and perhaps even a bit nerve racking. i am excited but i am also ready to go. i feel so uncomfortable sitting in this lifestyle. i am not doing what i need to be doing. what i was made to do. what i was brought here to do. nor do i know what that is specifically, i just know that organising events, working in an office, catching the train and commuting everyday, sitting in this consumerism culture is not right for me. no judgement on those who like this lifestyle or are doing these things. for me though, i am meant to be outside of australia, outside of sydney. with less than three weeks till i go, the voice that i can only assume is my intuition is only getting louder everyday i wake up in this life. your intuition is like a puppy, once you recognise it, it gets excited and makes more and more noise. it’s great on one hand because i am able to be directed to what i need to do, but on the other hand i’m still sitting here waiting while it bugs me day in and day out.

nineteen days.

jax goes out.

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