the importance of importance

i really do believe that people in today’s society have lost sight of what is really important. people’s values and beliefs are getting caught up in media, movies and consumerism. we have become so detached from the natural world and the things that we really value.

in saying this, i am not trying to shame anyone for being a consumer or for living in the concrete jungles that we call cities. i am analysing what we are doing and why we are doing it. hopefully some of you can appreciate that and maybe take something away from it as well.

i have been focusing a lot lately on taking a step back from my emotions and situations and analysing what is making me feel a certain way and what is making me respond the way i am. for instance, i may go to leave the house and then i stop and i think i should change my clothes because they don’t ‘match’. but i’m wearing a top and pants so why don’t they match? more importantly why do they need to match? how do i know what matches and what doesn’t? if it fits and i feel good then why should i change into something that is uncomfortable yet is ‘socially acceptable’? again, i am not bashing people for wanting to look nice, i’m bashing society for giving us such a strict set of rules on what we can and can’t wear, how we can and can’t behave and what we can and can’t do.

as Claire Michelle (@plantifulsoul on social media) has said in countless posts, videos and stories; “we are worth so much more than a physical body”. this idea that it is so important for us to do certain things and to really value certain things is kind of odd to me. after really stepping back and thinking about why i’m thinking things and why i am doing things, i’ve really come to find that a lot of what society tells us is crap. people tell us how important it is to eat meat to survive, yet so many studies have shown how bad it can be for our health. society tells us that you have to be a certain body shape or that you have to go to university or get a 9-5 job. why do we have to do these things if that’s not what we want to be doing? we’re constantly being brainwashed about what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

i ask all of you, the next time you find yourself doing something you’re uncomfortable with, think about it and really ask yourself why. if it’s because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ in society, maybe raincheck that and do what is right for you.

find your own truth, don’t let society give one to you.

Jax Goes

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