The first 24 hours

To begin with, I am extremely tired right now so I’m hoping what I’m typing makes sense.

I did it.

I’m currently in Athens, Greece. Typing this from a nice little ‘alternative’ cafe with lots of colours and trinkets.

To make this quick, here’s an overview of what has happened so far:

– my bag got bird shit on it

– my computer broke

– my drink bottle broke

– I literally stumbled into the Ancient Ruins

– I witnessed a catwalk (followed by cheer votes) at 3.30am on my flight

– I made it all the way to my hostel without freaking out or getting lost

– I got extremely sunburnt

So… basically now I am sitting in “Nonna”, my back burning with my broken drink bottle, my bird poo bag and I’m waiting for a sand which so I can eat, go home and sleep… and it’s currently only 7.38pm. Kinda sad really, but I did just go for an aimless walk while I waited for my room to be ready. Didn’t even have a map open and I look up and see the infamous Acropolis above me with all the other ruins standing right before me. What are the chances? I mean I guess it is in the middle of the city and it’s a really big space but still, kind of cool that it was the first thing I really saw today.

On my way I also bought half a kilo of strawberries, you know why? Because it was 99 cents.. I don’t even like strawberries that much, they were just so cheap!

Athens is mayhem by the way. In contrast to Singapore, Athens is insane. Firstly the airport takes twice as long and they ask half as many questions, I brought in all sorts of food I didn’t eat on the plane and when I asked about it they laughed at me. People just drive wherever they want and if you want to cross the road you just sort of do and hope for the best, not that anyone slows down for you.

That all being said, Athens is beautiful – and I am very excited to go to bed early and have a really big day across the city tomorrow!

Jax Goes OUT.

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