Athens ~ a dodgy guide

3 days in Athens. That’s what I gave myself before heading out to the islands. I have another four days there once I get back from the island tour.
Day one ~ rock up exhausted after an overnight flight and I catch the metro train into the city (don’t get a taxi, the metro goes every half hour and only costs €10 and a taxi will set you back at least €50 and it’s not any quicker). Syntagma is the central stop and I was staying closest to Omonoia station. Trip took me about 45 minutes and was kind of scenic in parts.

Got to my hostel and it was only around 11am so my room wasn’t ready. I stayed at Sparta Team Hotel. It was a nice enough hostel for the price but the area I wouldn’t recommend for single female travellers as I felt a bit uncomfortable, especially at night.

So I headed down the street to find myself some food and just wander around Athens for a few hours. Walked into Monastraki Square (really nice area for food and just hanging out in general) and I walked all the way through the flea market and literally walked into the ruins where the Acropolis was. I bought the €15 ticket (€30 if you don’t have a student card) and that gave me 5 days for pretty much the main things in Athens. I headed through the ruins in the summer heat and headed up the dreaded and steep Acropolis hill. There’s a look out point just before which is great but be careful, the rocks are very slippery. Almost broke my camera more than once.

Once in the Acropolis there’s also the Parthenon and the South Slope (I think) to see. You honestly don’t need hours there, it is really just the buildings, some photos, soak in the view and then move on. Especially in the heat. Then I headed back down the hill and over to the Temple of Apolllo which is still in the same big area just down the hill a bit. After that I headed back to the hostel and just rested for a bit getting ready for dinner. I went to a little restaurant called Nonna’s which was not bad, pretty cheap and easy for a first day. I ended up falling asleep pretty early because of the jet lag so didn’t do anything that night.
Day two ~ I woke up and walked around through to a few other key areas. Went to look at the Parliament Buti. zildxinzgs and check out other main squares. Then I made my way over to Zeus’ temple g check out the jother side of the Acropolis. Zeus’ temple was included in the ticket I had bought the day before. I also headed into the Panatheanic Stadium (the one that basically started the Modern Olympic Games). It’s only €2.50 to get in on a student card (again €5 for full fare). In there you can get a free audio tour which I would definitely recommend. Try not to go there in the middle of the day like I did because there isn’t any shade whatsoever. Overall it was a good day, would recommend taking your time to really walk through this city. In the evening I hiked up Mount Lycabettus which is about 25 minutes from the bottom to the top. I got up there for sunset and it looks over all of Athens and you can see back across to the Acropolis and everything. Pretty amazing views up there, would definitely recommend a sunset walk up there just leave yourself enough time to get there before sunset!
Day three ~ I met someone in my dorm room and he had been studying tourism so now he was trying to travel through as much of Europe as he could before going into the industry. He told me about heading down to Cape Sunion. I got on the bus at 10am from Athens and headed all the way down to the southern tip of the main land of Greece. Here you’ll find a little mini harbour, a beach, some epic cliffs and possibly most importantly, the Temple of Poseidon. Poseidon was the God of Water so  they built his temple there so that it was the last thing people saw when they left the mainland. At least I think that was it. There’s also a restaurant there so because the buses only come every hour or so, you can get something to eat or drink (of course there is a bar too) and just take in the beautiful view. Everyone says this, but you have to be careful getting back because I think the last bus leaves for Athens areound 5pm (might be 7pm or something like that). There is a town down the hill you could explore but if not then you would only need about an hour or two to really take it all in. When I got back my Busabout tour was meeting up for happy hour drinks and then we went for dinner at the 360 rooftop bar in Athens, which as expected, gives beautiful views of Athens again.

Eventually I headed off to bed ready to head to Mykonos at 5.30am the next day. More on that to come.
Jax Goes OUT.

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