what’s in my backpack as a solo traveller?

So I know I did a video of this on my YouTube channel but I thought I’d write it out for those who prefer to read or who can’t figure out YouTube (hey mum and dad). This will probably get lengthy but anyway, here’s a full comprehensive list of what I packed for my trip (with commentary included). Anyone wanting to watch the video version of everything I packed you can see it here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=oPoYTZaNzaE
Starting with my bag, before I came I decided I would spend money on a good bag but luckily, my bag was actually on sale! It is the Kathmandu 38L Litehaul in blue and orange. It usually goes for around $270 and I got it at the discounted price of $144.

I also have a Columbia 13L bag that is orange and grey which folds into its front pocket although I pretty much never have it folded up because it is my everyday pack. Even if I’m flying I usually have it on my front because it’s easier to get to things like my camera, my money and my passport. It cost me $25 on sale but actually it was free because I bought it on a gift card.

I have 2 packing cubes in different colours. I got these on sale at Kathmandu and got 3 for $30 (I lost one the day before I took this). These hold all my clothes, underwear, socks and bikinis.

I decided to bring with me only two pairs of shoes; I have Nike runners that I’ve had for probably about 5 years now. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring them but I figured I could wear them into the ground and if they got lost I wouldn’t mind. They’re also super flexible and pack down pretty small for shoes. As well as my Nikes, I brought my thongs which I wear every day. In Europe (so far) I have been able to wear these shoes every day in every situation except if I’m going on a hike or on a run or something. They’re already starting to get quite thin but I have had them for over a year now so that’s not too bad.

One of my last minute purchases was a blue 4L Sea to Summit bag that I put my camera in to keep it safe, dry and cosy (can confirm this is waterproof and has already saved my camera).

I have very minimal clothing with me. I would have brought more but my electronics just take up too much space.

Tops; I have 10 tops. Two nice shirts for going out which I haven’t worn at all, three singlets that I wear pretty much everyday, two graphic singlets that I got for free at a few bars from shot challenges around the Greek islands, one grey striped tshirt if I need it, one pj/travel tshirt and one jumper for planes and all the well air conditioned places.

Bottoms; I have 5 bottoms at the moment. One pair of workout shorts, one pair of leggings, one pair of Aladdin pants for travel and if I get cold, one pair of pj shorts that I also have ended up wearing to the beach and stuff and one pair of everyday cotton shorts.

Others; I also have one blue dress which I got for free in Mykonos, and one floral jumpsuit which I picked up in Paros. Other than that I have like 3 pairs of underwear (because the underwear packing cube fell out of my bag), 2 different bikinis, 3 pairs of socks (one for the plane), one sports bra and one normal bra.

I have an electronics bag which holds all my cords, chargers, adapters, hard drives, SD cards, USB’s and anything else. I also have my beats headphones for when my computer starts working again, my MacBook Pro which at the moment is three and a half kilos of dead weight because it broke my first day in Athens, my Canon EOS 700D, my Bluetooth speaker, my portable charger for my phone, my kindle and my GoPro.
Toilettries, makeup and first aid:

All of these things fit into two containers, a pink and white polka dot bag and a plain black waterproof bag (very practical).

Makeup; very basic, I have with me, travel mascara, travel lipstick, sample sized perfume, one brush, highlighted, bronzer and brows.

First aid; bandaids, antibiotics from when I got tonsillitis, tea tree oil, strapping tape, asthma puffer

Toilettries; nail clippers, tweezers, toothpaste, toothbrush, diva cup, hair brush, iron tablets and b12, Dr Bronner’s natural soap, hand mirror, small moisturiser, lush shampoo bar and sunscreen.

Sarong, microfibres towel (from Kathmandu for around $60, definitely worth it), journal, deck of cards, pen, sharpie, mini notepad, polaroids from home, spoon, scrunchie, liteweight compact rain jacket from Mountain Designs, important documents and postcards I need to send, glasses, glasses case, computer charger, wallet, Greek tourist wallet clutch thing, bananas, fold out tote bag for shopping (saving plastic woohoo), face mask if someone needs CPR (you never know), a business card holder with my back up travel card in it and my paw paw.
That is everything I have with my right now and plan to carry with me for the next little while. I’m surprised it hasn’t changed much since I left considered I’m already one month in but I’ll make sure to do an update later on and we’ll see what made the cut.
If you’re interested in following my journey a bit more check out my socials down below:

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