Commuting 4 hours a day and why it’s not that bad

Four hours a day may seem like an exaggeration and you’re right, it is. I currently travel for roughly 3 hours 57 minutes. I round up, you caught me.

I currently live in Wollongong and work in Sydney. I leave the house at 6:30am on the dot. Any later than this and I will end up sprinting onto the train illegally without a ticket (much like today). The train leaves at 6:39am and whilst I can usually get there in about 6 minutes I often seem to find the slow drivers or I can’t find a park that’s not a 3 minute walk away. I then sit on the train for over an hour until about 7:52am (if the train is on time) before I walk between platforms and wait a few minutes to catch the train to the right station. My train usually gets into the station at 8:05am and from there I walk and roughly walk into the office at 8:22am.

In the afternoon I have to leave work early to make my train or else I have to wait like half an hour for the next one (beauties of living in Wollongong). So I leave work at 5:20pm, again this is very calculated however if I leave later I can manage it but it’s a big rush and includes praying for there not to be a line at the ticket machine which there almost always is. I catch the 5:39pm train back to the station I switch at and usually with about 8-10 minutes to spare depending on how on time everything is running. I get my train at 5:56pm and arrive at my Wollongong station at 7:14pm, by the time I walk over the station to the other side, walk to my car, and finally drive home, it’s usually 7:27pm. So essentially for the sake of being short, I leave at 6:30am and get home at 7:30pm.

Why is this good? There are obviously many ups and downs. I prefer to try and see the good in things so I’ll do the pros to long commutes first;

Because it’s a train, I never have to worry about traffic. I will be at work at the same time everyday provided something doesn’t happen. I don’t pay nearly as much as I would to drive. I am also able to sleep should I get tired. The trip is genuinely beautiful and the track runs through national park with incredible sea views as well. It’s inspiring for my writing. It forces me to make the most of my time and either meditate, listen to music, watch ted talks, listen to podcasts or write. I’m actually learning a lot because I have four hours of learning built around a day at work. I have also kickstarted my love for reading and so that’s always good for personal development (obviously depending on what type of books you’re reading).

A blessing and a curse is the fact that there’s very minimal reception the whole way, and by that I mean, I don’t even bother trying to get reception because it’s so patchy. So for the whole first trip, I rely on predownloaded podcasts and ted talks, or other forms of entertainment that don’t require reception. Old school.

A con is definitely that I have to share with a lot of people and sometimes I have to wake people up to get off and all that, which is pretty stressful. I don’t have any leeway with travel time which is hard bc I’m often late (much like this morning). When I’m late and don’t get a ticket, I spend the trip praying that I won’t get a fine which is actually very stressful on the body. Changing stations is also very stressful because by the time I need to change, there are that many people on the train that I almost get off a stop early. When I’m on the short train, I got via the airport which means that people are much more unforgiving, slow, tired and cranky so again I get stressed about getting on and off the train because sometimes I have to go far into the carriage only to come out a few stops later. Often you get very loud inconsiderate people. I’m currently having to listen to someone’s full dubstep playlist because they are playing it through their headphones at what I can only assume is full volume.

All in all, it gives me four hours of time that otherwise would have been lost in Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, sleeping and doing nothing else of value. This has forced me to organise myself, make breakfast every morning because my lunch time I’ve been up for almost 7 hours sometimes. It’s taught me a lot about time management. I used to sleep on the train everyday but then I’d get home at 7:30pm after an hour nap and wouldn’t be able to sleep until 1 in the morning. Anyways, commuting isn’t always bad. Public transport is better for the environment, it’s easier because you don’t have to pay someone and whilst it may be longer on average, I’ll never be late for work because the traffic was bad.

Jayqueline out.

Storytime ~ 3 girls, 5 days, a delayed flight and a lot of alcohol [part two]

Jumping right into the night out with the girls. I rock up about 2 hours sober compared to these gals. Hayley met me outside and I get my ‘I’m single’ stickers on so I’m ready for a party and everyone knows it. I go straight to the bar where we bump into Ash and Sarah and I buy multiple rounds of shots for myself and the girls. Of course they do nothing so we head to the dance floor but only for about 10 minutes before they announce that it’s time to head to the next club where the name says it all; “Sin City” (again). Because we’re 4 girls, we get bumped up to the front of the line and head straight in. Of course this wait was not as quick as I’ve made it out to be and the shots have started to settle in so we all decided to make a group trip to the toilets because what else is the club for if not a communal bathroom trip. Somehow this bathroom is even better than the one at The Bedroom. I rush off and the girls start taking selfies. There are lights everywhere it’s like a show room. Perfect for makeup before a concert or performance. Eventually I realise they are more ahead of me in their blood alcohol levels than I initially thought so I decide I need to go home and ‘rally’ if you will. I text them goodbye when I’m already exiting the club and I start the 8 minute walk home.

On my way walking home I come across two guys sitting on some steps on the street side trying to sell their music. They have CD’s in covers and are selling them for whatever the buyer believes it to be worth. I ask them about their music and decide ‘eh why not, I should give them some money for sure. I’m only going to use it for alcohol’. So I cross the road and go to the ATM thinking I’ll give them 20 each or get out $60 and give them 30 each. Of course the machine only did 50’s. So I get out $100 thinking I’ll be using the money later in the week anyway. I ask the guy at the counter of the convenience store next door if he has some change for me and he says no, rather aggressively actually. So I head back over to the musicians, I get very dramatic and explain the story and how I could only get 50’s. They’re both such genuine soles and are sitting there consoling me about how it’s okay to disappoint them and then I pull out my hands and simply say ‘so I’m going to have to give you 50 each’ and their reaction was totally worth it. They gave me extra CD’s and thanked me over and over again. To me it was 100 dollars but to them who knows what it means but they were definitely more appreciative than most are for anything. Psyche and Foster I believe are the names of those two artists. Their music is actually quite good which is rare these days but hey, budding musicians should always be supported in my eyes. It’s a hard industry to get into and they were spending their Friday night sitting on the street.

Anyways, I eventually got home and even though the whole walk home I was telling myself I was going to come back and head back out, the second I stepped foot into that room, everything changed. Maddy was home and still up (for it wasn’t even 12 yet) and I talked her through my thoughts, not because I thought she cared but because I needed to talk it through. I decided to stay home. I had a shower, washed my makeup off and got into my pyjamas. I had a text saying the girls were coming home anyway because Hayley couldn’t stay out any longer and apparently needed to be put to bed. But that second before I climbed up my ladder I stopped as I heard them coming up the stairs to our room. I knew I’d have to let them in so I opened the door and into my arms falls Hayley. Definitely needed to sleep that off. Meanwhile Sarah and I farewelled Ash as she headed down to her room. Sarah and I chatted for a bit about what they got up to since I’d left and then she said she was still keen to head out. This is where the devil rally voice comes out and tells me I shoul head back out. So I get changed back into my outfit, Sarah redoes all my makeup and we sit outside as I drink as much goon as I can in the shortest period of time. The night clerk comes through and smells my goon and lemonade and asks if it’s goon (alcohol is prohibited), I don’t say anything as he makes a reassumption that it’s just lemonade and I joke around with him and agree. Eventually he leaves and Sarah and I begin munching on a bag of salt and vinegar chips before I have the ingenious idea to get two ciders, hide them in the chip bag and that way we can head out to the town. On our way we find a trolley so naturally sarah jumps in, we Snapchat it all whilst laughing hysterically and drinking the cider and eating the chips.

We head straight back to sin city and Sarah finds herself a lad who happens to be staying in the Q1 (very fancy tall building). So we head back there briefly for the snap and then we leave. Not a moment after the front door shuts, Sarah realises her clutch is in their room still. Not remembering that Q1 guy (literally can’t remember his name) his phone was dead, we both called him a million times before I had a very ‘Mike from Suits’ moment and remembered the room number. We buzzed it, he came down with her clutch and we proceeds to walk the wrong way down the tram line before sneaking on (illegally I know) and walking home. Whilst the walk home was uneventful, getting in the door was something else. Or should I say in Sarah’s case climbing through the window because she ‘forgot the key’. That was a snapchat to never forget. Anyways, she did that and then we got inside and went to bed.

Of course the next day I wake up to find the key I used to get in the first time, was in my pocket still – which was hilarious for me, Sarah didn’t quite think so. Anyways the next day we did the same thing as before, Vegemite toast for breakfast, a swim in the pool and then by 11 when the sun got gross we headed for PAC Fair with all the air conditioning. Oh and yes we bid farewell to Ash with promises of seeing her in Sydney sometime the following week.

I’m thinking a part three is in order.

Jayqueline out.

Day 25 – Day 34

Back again I am beginning to reflect on the year already. As I’m writing this post, it’s almost March. I’m almost two months into this year and it’s long enough to begin my reflection of how I am progressing in life comparatively to January. Financially I’m nothing if not worse off but I’m working on it. Relationships I’m doing okay in – no real positive changes except I wrote Nanna a letter in the mail. Health and fitness are going average, it’s very up and down but I went for a run this morning so that’s good. I’m actively trying to move my body more but my eating is definitely what’s holding me back. Mentally I am doing quite well. This writing is really helping to clear my mind, almost like a form of meditation. Work and career wise I’m doing well, the job is starting to pick up but it’s really interesting and I’m loving it so that’s always good. Ummm I think that’s pretty much everything. I’m currently writing a post on moving out – which I’ll be doing in about three weeks. I’m not sure where I’m moving to just yet but I need to figure it out ASAP.

Anyways, we’re here to go through the days I’ve had since them. Now to me, because I’ve missed a few, some of these seem like a long time ago so bear with me. I’m going to start putting dates on as well so you can get the accurate time line.

Day 25 25.01.17: from what I can remember it’s the day before Aus day so I came home from work to meet Selena and my housemates and this was the shopping, merchandise, food and drinks we put together before the big day.

Day 26 26.01.17: great Australia Day with friends at two house parties, the beach and pictured here are Nima and Tor my room mates, dressed up as Aussie as it gets.

Day 27 27.01.17: Selena’s finger pointing out to the sun setting over the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. I had the pleasure of checking out her childhood home as she packed it up and began to say her goodbyes.

Day 28 28.01.17: My roommate Annie had her last night before she moved out and back to campus (to live with Selena). So this is her getting ready.

Day 29 29.01.17: the sad truth that is Annie’s empty room. The way it looked before she moved in for the summer.

Day 31 31.01.17: my tattoo of today’s date in memory of my brother who passed 15 years to date.

Day 31.2 02.02.17: my friend Alex in her room back in Canberra. She’s my only friend who came from home to Wollongong with me and we had a lot of teenage memories in that room including dealing with break ups together, getting ready together, making big life choices together.

Day 32 05.02.17: just the fan. Because is was fucking got that day.

Day 33 06.02.17: my room mate Tor trying to get a good angle with his new haircut. Mostly he was just sad he didn’t make it into other ones and because we usually have tea time at home after everyone’s in bed, he wanted a photo of him.

Day 34 07.02.17: just my room with the Polaroid photo decorations (also I’m sorry. Photos will be coming soon. Maybe this week?)

So those are the days up to heading to surfers. So I’ll save those for once part two comes out.

This weekend work has an event in Canberra so tomorrow night (Thursday) I’m heading down after work to my brothers place and then staying there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will be good to have so much time to see my niece and the rest of my family. I might even go visit my other brother, Nanna and some friends. We’ll see!

Jayqueline out.

Moving in, Moving out, the joys of sharehousing

It’s come to my attention (much later than anticipated) that my lease for the sharehouse I’m currently in is coming to an end. I’ve got about one week to figure out what the hell I’m doing. But regardless of logistics which I’m not too concerned about, moving in and out of places brings about a certain feeling of nostalgia.

I’ve only been in this house for six months, and trust me I am well and truly ready to leave. This doesn’t mean though that part of me won’t miss living here. A part of me will stay with this house as my first proper house out of home. Even with all the ups and many many downs, I wouldn’t change the people in the house for a second. Every argument, moment of laughter and every time I interact with these people I learn. Learn about them, about the world, about worldly culture and specific cultural differences. For anyone that knows me you’ll know the people I lived with. We had a range of countries and therefore cultures including: Persian-Iranian, Norwegian, South Korean, British, and the rest for namesake – Italian and Scottish.

Moving out can sometimes feel like moving on but for me that is not the case. I don’t want to be leaving these people behind. I need to leave the space but not the culture we’ve created. Sure I’ll come back and visit the people but being a guest in your own ‘home’ is a weird concept to me and because I’m probably not going to have a definitive home for a while longer, it will still be home to me. As home as I can get.

And then comes the debate of whether a person needs a home or whether we are nomadic by nature. It’s hard to tell because I’ve never really been on the road but I do know when I moved to Wollongong for uni and my parents sold the house and moved overseas, I wasn’t settled as well as I might have been knowing I had a home to go to. This also could have been misconstrued as me just missing them but who knows.

Ultimately, the packing has started. I’m excited to move. Excited for the future, but I can also say I will be sad to leave the house for sure. Sometimes I feel like I feel things on a different level to people. That’s not to say it’s a superior level, just a different scale all together. Perhaps I haven’t been granted permission to see others reactions but I know for me, I hold great meaning in firsts and lasts. I always have. Especially with places. I feel like people move out and they’re able to just get on with their life whereas I feel stuck in limbo sometimes with things like this. I need a lot of processing time to understand and be at peace with the fact that my life will never be like this again. Ever. Even if I moved back into a share house, even if I moved back into this share house, in my room. It will be different because as soon as you move away, the dynamic changes. And if I came back into that, I wouldn’t be a core person of the house, I’d be an extra, a visitor.

So it’s time for a new chapter, time to let Wollongong go. I’ve only stayed here a year and whilst I feel like I’ve done a lot, there are so many things I never got around to doing, I will definitely come back. Alas it is time for the 4hour commute day to end. For me to pick up my things, chuck them in my car and hope that when I get to Sydney I have somewhere to drop them. We will see how I go for that, will definitely give an update.

Jayqueline out.

Storytime ~ 3 girls, 5 days, a delayed flight and a lot of alcohol [part one]

Now the trip has ended I will have to begin the exciting yet depressive act of reliving what is over for good.

To take off where I left it (it’s funny because I was on a plane last time) – I’ll start from getting to the hostel. Hayley and I got the bus from Nerang station for free and headed towards the beach. Getting to what seemed the closest stop to our hostel we got off and walked for about 20 minutes. Now 20 minutes might not sound like much but trust me when I say that is relative. We walked in the heat, and because our flights were so cheap we didn’t get check in baggage but by god did we make sure we used every kilo of carry on we could. So there we are, two girls who’ve come from torrential rain that morning, walking in clothes that are way too warm holding these heavy duffel bags because it would clearly be ridiculous for anyone bring a bag with wheels. Regardless of this – we made it to the backpackers, got our key, our linen, and even got our towels without the steep $2 fee most get charged. We make our way to our room upstairs in the corner, number 16. In our room we have two sets of single bunk beds (three empty), one wall mounted desk fan that points to the middle of the room, one chair, one bench and one small bathroom. And of course there’s Crunchy. Crunchy was our 30-something, half naked, tattoo covered room mate who was very…talkative. We learnt so much about him in the first ten minutes and I don’t know that we would have hooten our own information in if we’d tried. Crunchy was from the south, he was travelling for a bit and although he was super friendly, he gave a bit of a dodgy vibe off – which I assume came from him trying to sell us drugs at least once. He was the type of guy that would talk to anyone and wouldn’t judge you unless you judged him, he was there but not quite there you know? He also had the best tattoo I’ve ever seen; “Life is Such”. Unfortunately we never got the chance to ask but we could only assume that it was a play on the age old saying “such is life”.

We dropped our stuff, got changed and headed out. To be honest this storytime is a lot more blurred and I’m writing this without editing so apologies for holes in my story – just have to get creative I guess. We caught the tram to Pacific Fair (PAC Fair) and walked to the cinema on the only non-pedestrian road in surfers paradise. Fifty Shades Darker was great in my personal opinion – I won’t go into details because you didn’t come here for spoilers; just know that Hayley and I were super underdressed for Chicks at the Flicks and didn’t win the raffle either. Once it was over we started walking along the tram line, toying up the idea of getting on. We sat on a wet chair next to a creek of some sort and talked for an hour or so until we realised that we were a) quite tired and b) further from home than we realised. We jumped on a tram and began our way home.

The next morning we woke up relatively early for holidays – around 9am. By no means was this because we wanted to wake up, this was all because it was too hot to stay in our stuffy dorm room with its stupid singular desk fan that points to nowhere. So we got up, got our swimmers on (until Hayley realised she didn’t bring any and needed to but some) and headed into town. We got a Boost Juice and a doughnut from Doughnut Time. We walked over to Cavil Ave which is basically the closest thing to a ‘main drag’ they have in Surfers and we sat down on a park bench outside cotton on. This might just seem like another day however, as Hayley chucked her doughnut box in the recycling she also managed to slide her iPhone 7 in as well. At this stage it’s important to visualise the type of bin we were working with here. One of those big rectangular bins with a metal casing. That might seem fine – however this one also had one of those metal sheets over the top so that people couldn’t easily get into the bin. So after being on the phone to multiple people from the Queensland council, Hayley (with my assistance obviously because she was too short) dove into the bin, legs flying around with me holding them to make sure she didn’t fall in completely. After a few attempts we got the phone and Hayley decided we needed to just get her swimmers and get in the water because although the bin was mostly empty, those recycling bins do fill up with some odd liquids at the bottom which coincidentally was right where her phone was.

Cut to the beach, Hayley had a moment of ‘wow’ at the waves. This is where I cut in and remind her that it is “Surfers Paradise” for a reason. We jumped in the water briefly but like everyone else in the water, only got up to about our knees because the current was so strong. We lay on the beach but as it was the middle of the day by now, we couldn’t stay for too long without frying. We grabbed our things and headed back to the hostel. After chucking on some loose clothing to counteract the heat, we sat down and ate a burger each, chips and both had a beer too.

We saw some guys at another table with Vegemite a spoon and a camera. They were having a laugh and we were watching cautiously to see what they were doing, suddenly remembering it was such a novelty here. They saw us looking and invited us over. One was from France and one from Belgium. The French guy was filming people from around the world trying Vegemite, by the spoonful. As much as we tried to tell them they were doing it all wrong, they insisted. Next thing you know Hayley and I were giving it a go – showing to them that it’s really not that bad (it was awful in a spoonful but we held it together).

Eventually we had to leave to go get some food supplies and get ready for Sarah to arrive. On our way to the shops we got sold on some tickets for a pub crawl and what not for the remaining four nights we were there. After returning from the shops we had gathered a few snacks and things we could munch on for a few days, we headed downstairs and asked to grab a seat across from some girl on her phone. Her name was Ash, she was our age and from New Zealand just here for a few weeks. We got to talking and eventually convinced her that if we could get it relatively cheap, she would come out with us the next day.

Sarah arrived and what a sight that was, walking up the broken half gravel half concreted driveway with her Louis Vuitton bag and all her “I’m from LA” clothes on. It was amazing. Mind you Sarah is great, it was just to great a juxtaposition to miss. We dropped our bags and from there made ourselves dinner in the very restrictive hostel kitchen. We were having a very basic tin spaghetti on toast. However, we didn’t have any butter or alternative, and there were no bowls to heat up the spaghetti and so we toasted our bread in the toasters that had to be held down by us, then put cold tin spaghetti on and went from there. Sarah and Hayley did their hair and makeup and then helped out with mine to make me semi passable for the club. We headed down to the hostel bar for a drink or two and then walked to this club called “The Bedroom” where we had free drinks from 9pm-3am. It wasn’t too eventful as far as the other nights go – a few hook ups here and there and then we made our way to the kebab shop before heading home.

Waking up the next morning sweeties than the first night, I climbed down the bunk bed ladder and sat with Sarah and Hayley. Crunchie left nothing to chance and offered us some more bourbon and vodka even after giving us the wine. We kindly declined his offer. It’s at this time, mid morning around 11am that a girl walks through our door and her friend walks into the room next door only to find that obviously in our four share room, there isn’t a bed for her. After talking with the receptionist we find out that Crunchie had stopped paying for his room 3 days ago and was never meant to be staying here with us. He started frantically packing up his things and in the process donated to me a book on the Afghan war. Once he left our new room mate Maddy came in and sat down. She seemed pretty cool. Little bit shitty but that’s expected when you’ve been travelling and you just want a shower and this guy is in your bed for no reason.

Later in the day we decided to go to PAC Fair again to escape the heat. We stayed there until the shops started shutting and we had to head back to get ready for yet another night of fun. Night two. Night two was pretty great because I managed to call up Phil the guy who had sold us the tickets in the first place and get one for Ash for only $30. We headed over to him at around 6:30 and bought her ticket before heading home to get ready. Please keep in mind here that I was going to dinner with some long standing family friends at around 7:15 so I had very minimal time to get ready. Anyways, the family friends were nice enough to book a vegan restaurant and my God it was good! I also got interrogated on my beliefs and why I was vegan which was not what I needed right before heading out but anyway, that’s a story for another day. Eventually dinne ended and I got myself an Uber to town to meet the guys on the pub crawl.

I’m going to end it here and do a part two – still got three nights to go.

Jayqueline out.

Fluid Storytime ~ Hayley, Sarah and the rest of them

So here I am – with a lot of events taking place before this moment in order to get me here in these circumstances. A drunken decision to put it simply.

I’m sitting on a plane in seat 19C (right over the wing might I add – and no matter when I book I am always over the wing). Next to me is Hayley writing away in her freshly cracked open travel journal. 19B and 19C, and the nice quiet lady next to us in 19A. Here we are on our way to the infamous Surfers Paradise to once again get away from the rain. Sadly Selena could not join on the adventure this time around – she’s moved back into university and has shifts working there.

How did we get here? It started back in November. I had just gotten my tax return back that day and had paid off my credit card (I was finally debt free for the first time all year!). I had either just quit my job or was just about to and I was getting ready to go out. I had spoken to Hayley earlier that day about Tiger Air. Apparently they were having a sale because it was their 9th birthday. I jumped online and booked the cheapest flights I could find and managed to snag two return flights to Brisbane in February for just over $150 (bearing in mind it’s usually at least $150 EACH).

Moving through to this morning, or even last night where it began. I left work and headed for home, taking several wrong turns along the way. I visited Selena at campus and met up with my other friends who had since moved in too. The whole purpose of my visit was to dry my washing but low and behold I was there until 2:30 in the morning. When I got home of course I had to pack, organise my cameras and electronics, do a face mask and organise my bathroom draws. So naturally I went to bed at the ripe old time of 5am; without setting an alarm.

9am: mid dream I get rudely awoken by Hayley’a somewhat panicking yet remaining calm face. We didn’t need to leave until just before half past but also I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. We got ready and drove to Sutherland. Hopped on a train after making a few ‘friends’ at the traino (if you know Sutherland then you’ll know what I mean).

Eventually we made it to a cafe at Mascot. We sat down and had a quick breakfast before getting an Uber to the airport and that pretty well catches you up to this point.

What is the plan from here? Get off this Brisbane bound flight and head to more public transport to make our way to Nerang station and then get a bus to our hostel before heading out to the cinema for “Fifty Shades Darker”. Hayley is a big fan – she’s been waiting for it for two years so she’s pretty keen, which is good because the tickets cost me $60.

Sarah, Hayley’s sister joins us tomorrow and then the holiday really begins. For now – I’m going to try and sleep the rest of this flight and get ready for five days of fun.

Jayqueline out.

Day 9 – Day 24

So here we are – most people have finished up their New Years resolutions by now. Everyone’s back at work, and the slow motion of the year has begun. Except of course for the younger generation who are still on holidays until next week (I think – slackers). So there are a few things I wanted to run over today. There’s this book I’ve been reading and for lack of a less dramatic phrase, it’s changing my life. Also obviously the photos I’ve been taking. I might even add in something at the end if I think of it.

Anyways, moving forward in the year I am starting to tire already of full time work and the two hour train ride both ways. Finding less and less time for healthy eating and exercise, I’m already being tested on how well I can make it through these challenges. So I’ve been reading this book – and for any people I know in real life reading this, I’m sorry, I know you’ve heard about it 100 times already. The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olsen.

This book is already changing me. I have mixed feelings about it because whilst I acknowledge that it is very repetitive and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it’s working. It’s your classic self-help, motivation, determination and all round ‘get up and do it’ kind of book. As I’m reading it I feel my mindset changing. It’s changing from “yeah, I wanna do this and that and eventually end up at x” to “I am going to do this and each day is a new opportunity to get me there. It’s actually going to happen this time”. Now this is sort of a cool thing for me because I am one of those people who has tried and tried again to ‘get fit’ and ‘be better’ and ‘save money’. Of course none of them have happened because I’m still sitting here today. So that book is a definite must read for anyone looking to flip their life around.

So here we go with the photos;

Day 9: two phones because in my corporate job I have two. Slightly off centre not because I’m arty but because I can’t tell how to line things up.

Day 10: the North Wollongong traino because that’s where I get on every morning and get off every afternoon.

Day 11: slightly skewed photo of Dennis the fish and a room mates car keys. Looks very arty but again, just bad aim so don’t be fooled.

Day 12: my wall of three artworks above my bed. Top right is a lead pencil drawing of the Eiffel Tower twisted like a snail that we snagged on a street corner in Paris, the middle is an artwork from a Sydney street side that uses colour and mini pictures to write my name “Jax”. Finally bottom left is another piece of street art that was purchased of a city scape in Amsterdam in roughly 2012.

Day 13: the beautiful sunrise from my balcony overlooking the city of Wollongong and a little bit of ocean too. (Also the day of the Byron road trip).

Day 14: from inside my car at the Yatala drive in cinema at the Gold Coast.

Day 15: at home, a broken mirror outside my door. My room mate tried to take it into my room for the good lighting and took it sideways so it smashed (go figure?).

Day 16: all my room mates back together again having a somewhat ‘family night’. Apologies to my Norwegian room mate who has been cut off because I still am unable to point the camera in the right direction apparently.

Day 18: (first missed day) our balcony at night and yes I aimed well for this one.

Day 19: actual photo of Hayley from storytime – getting ready to head out after an evening of beer pong (red cup style).

Day 20: Roma Lounge in Liverpool – my first working event. In my gold sequin sparkly dress I walked around taking auction payments and raising money for charity.

Day 22: (another missed day) the back of Hayley’s older sister’s legs after a Sunday spent lying in the sun with patchy sunscreen on (trust me, it doesn’t do it justice).

Day 23: my Norwegian room mate probably getting excited about Dennis the fish. Man he loves that fish. (Photo was actually pay back for day 16 where I forgot him completely)

Day 24: my darling room mate Natalie in front of my work outfit ready to go for my first meeting with clients.

And so that brings us to the end of the photos. With obviously more to come as each day passes.

The final thing I just wanted to touch on was that I have been looking around at doing some photography work experience on weekends and days off to help improve my knowledge and experience for a resume. One company also told me that they have an opening and I have my first event this weekend for a house party. Will keep posting updates on how that progresses if at all (here’s hoping).

Jayqueline out.