the importance of importance

i really do believe that people in today’s society have lost sight of what is really important. people’s values and beliefs are getting caught up in media, movies and consumerism. we have become so detached from the natural world and the things that we really value.

in saying this, i am not trying to shame anyone for being a consumer or for living in the concrete jungles that we call cities. i am analysing what we are doing and why we are doing it. hopefully some of you can appreciate that and maybe take something away from it as well.

i have been focusing a lot lately on taking a step back from my emotions and situations and analysing what is making me feel a certain way and what is making me respond the way i am. for instance, i may go to leave the house and then i stop and i think i should change my clothes because they don’t ‘match’. but i’m wearing a top and pants so why don’t they match? more importantly why do they need to match? how do i know what matches and what doesn’t? if it fits and i feel good then why should i change into something that is uncomfortable yet is ‘socially acceptable’? again, i am not bashing people for wanting to look nice, i’m bashing society for giving us such a strict set of rules on what we can and can’t wear, how we can and can’t behave and what we can and can’t do.

as Claire Michelle (@plantifulsoul on social media) has said in countless posts, videos and stories; “we are worth so much more than a physical body”. this idea that it is so important for us to do certain things and to really value certain things is kind of odd to me. after really stepping back and thinking about why i’m thinking things and why i am doing things, i’ve really come to find that a lot of what society tells us is crap. people tell us how important it is to eat meat to survive, yet so many studies have shown how bad it can be for our health. society tells us that you have to be a certain body shape or that you have to go to university or get a 9-5 job. why do we have to do these things if that’s not what we want to be doing? we’re constantly being brainwashed about what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

i ask all of you, the next time you find yourself doing something you’re uncomfortable with, think about it and really ask yourself why. if it’s because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ in society, maybe raincheck that and do what is right for you.

find your own truth, don’t let society give one to you.

Jax Goes

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the wrong place.

i am so uncomfortable. i feel like there’s a voice inside me that has been stifled for so long. as i get closer to my leaving date, it gets more and more restless. sitting at this working desk, willing the days to go by. i was never meant to be chained to this 9 to 5 lifestyle. i knew this from a young age.

usually its’s excitement leading up to a trip, and perhaps even a bit nerve racking. i am excited but i am also ready to go. i feel so uncomfortable sitting in this lifestyle. i am not doing what i need to be doing. what i was made to do. what i was brought here to do. nor do i know what that is specifically, i just know that organising events, working in an office, catching the train and commuting everyday, sitting in this consumerism culture is not right for me. no judgement on those who like this lifestyle or are doing these things. for me though, i am meant to be outside of australia, outside of sydney. with less than three weeks till i go, the voice that i can only assume is my intuition is only getting louder everyday i wake up in this life. your intuition is like a puppy, once you recognise it, it gets excited and makes more and more noise. it’s great on one hand because i am able to be directed to what i need to do, but on the other hand i’m still sitting here waiting while it bugs me day in and day out.

nineteen days.

jax goes out.

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it’s time.

finally it is time for me to release my secrets and let everyone know. i am going away. most people are asking me where i’m going for my holiday; to me though, it’s not a holiday. it’s so much more. it’s a move, a journey of self exploration and finding the people i am meant to be with. i have an unwavering pull to leave my surroundings and societal norms have been pressuring me and crumpling the voice inside me that has always told me the same thing.

go. go as far as you can. learn through experiences and truly live out the life you’re meant to live.

so that’s what i am doing. in twenty nine days i will fly out of this country and be off on a life changing journey. i don’t have very much money saved. i don’t know anyone over there and i don’t have a particular plan. i just know i need to be there.

i have told my work that i will be leaving and a huge weight has been lifted. i feel like i am able to get excited now. i was never meant to be in an office, climbing the corporate ladder. i knew that and said that from a young age. i am a part of this earth, and i am meant to live in it. not in the concrete jungle that we see in our cities today.

i ask you to join me as i go.

Jax Goes Out.

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Being Alone?

As many people across Australia celebrated the Easter long weekend with the last ‘warm’ trip to the coast, or with hot cross buns and a family egg hunt, I was waking up on the side of the highway. In the back seat of my Toyota Camry, with a kink in my neck and some seriously cramped up legs. At least I was warm, unlike the group of people outside in swags next to me in the rest area.

Headed for Melbourne with pieces of a plan I set off with some snacks, my car and a camera with an empty SD card. Not even thinking about the fact that I would end up driving at least 4,000km completely solo. Not the slightest bit concerned about where I would be sleeping, eating or showering. No cares in the world. Just a determination to see as much as I could and enjoy myself while I was at it.

Headed for the Great Ocean Road after a long night of driving, I bypassed Melbourne and headed on the ring road for Geelong. After making it to Torquay, I got out and had a look at the first sight of ocean I’d had since leaving Sydney and Canberra. I only made it another beach down to Jan Juc before getting out to enjoy the coastal walk that was engrained with local footprints. Jumping the fence I headed towards the cliff side to admire the beautiful landscape. Hours flew by while I was enjoying the sea breeze and the incredible cliffs before me.

I was going to meet a few old school friends in the city for dinner – lets go with Beth and Megan (mostly because that is their names). The drive away from the ocean seemed so much longer than the one on the way there but eventually I made it. It was the first time I had worn shoes since I had left but I suppose for dinner in the city it was necessary. After a great catch up, Beth invited me to stay with her. Little did I know she lived on Floor 53 right in the heart of the city. The view was breath taking to say the least. The room (yes I know) I stayed in had an ensuite AND a floor to ceiling window overlooking the south-west side of the city so on a clear day I could see Port Phillip Bay.

When I woke up, Beth had already left for work and I headed straight out for the Twelve Apostles. Luckily I made it there in time for all the crowds. It was a fairly cloudy day but the lighting proved perfect for bringing out the raw colours of the rocks themselves. Regardless of the people, it was great to have that time in nature to appreciate some of the incredible things it can create. Finally it was time to tick of one of those Aussie bucket list items. I went straight for the Great Ocean Road stopping for snacks and a toilet break – it was Easter Saturday and most shops would be closed the next day to I wanted to stock up on what I could.

Here’s the thing… The Great Ocean Road, isn’t that great. There’s actually really not that much ocean. It’s a lot of beautiful countryside but I think I’ve been spoilt living in the south coast where Grand Pacific Drive literally parallels the ocean for most of the way. Eventually I turned off and went via the highway because it was nearly dinner time and I was going to be driving Beth into town.

For my final day before heading home I decided to explore the city I was in a bit more. I had always wanted to see all the amazing street art and graffiti in Melbourne. I found a website with all the street names and even a map. (
Unfortunately I only got to see a few streets and laneways because then I lost my car for about two and a half hours in the city somewhere.

After filling a 32GB SD card and draining three camera batteries I started my way back up the coast to Sydney (via Lakes Entrance, Canberra and Wollongong). Listening to all manner of podcasts, music, radio on the way. It was an amazing moment when I was almost in Canberra and realised I wasn’t lonely once. Not even for a second. Sometimes you just have to learn to appreciate what is around you and you forget the things you thought you ‘needed’. It’s a very humbling experience learning to live with the basics. Learning to live with what you need and not just what you want is great and I would recommend it to anyone who’s open minded enough to try it.

That’s it for Jax Goes (to Melbz).

University – what’s the point

The thing that gets me about uni is I hear all these people whinging and complaining about all these last minute assignments they have to do. In uni you have the most time you’ve ever had to do an assignment or study for a test (with the exception of the few that spend all of their free time working). Yet not only does everyone start late, they complain about having to do the actual work.
I don’t understand going to an institution, paying sometimes up to tens of thousands of dollars, spending years studying when you don’t enjoy it. Just to have a piece of paper at the end. If you’re studying, you shouldn’t be dreading a single class. So many people at university are so entitled and ungrateful and they feel it’s okay to complain that they have access to a tertiary education. I can’t fathom how offensive it must be for someone who’s gotten the opportunity to go to university through a scholarship. Some people never could have dreamed of going to university yet here’s a whole lot of entitled people complaining that they have to do work to get their degree.

People need to remind themselves that university is a place to learn more about something you’re interested in. People need to be grounded and stop being so entitled and thinking that it’s fine to start last minute because they don’t care. People need to start caring. People need to go to university to gain skills and knowledge in their field of choice, not because they think they have to. What’s the point of going if you find it boring, tedious and never want to put in the effort.

I understand that university (and college that stands alongside it) is a time for partying, socialising and having a good time, but there’s no balance. Rarely is there conversation of “I’m doing this topic and it’s really interesting”. More often than not if you ask someone about how their degree is going at the moment, you’ll hear about all the boring subjects they have to take and the awful group assignments they have to ‘endure’. You’ll hear stories of the all nighters they had to pull not because they’re a busy person but just because they were out of balance and didn’t manage their time well enough. I hear these stories again and again from a whole array of people. We need more grateful people at university who are glad to have the chance to learn, and less people taking it for granted.

Jax Goes.

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Commuting 4 hours a day and why it’s not that bad

Four hours a day may seem like an exaggeration and you’re right, it is. I currently travel for roughly 3 hours 57 minutes. I round up, you caught me.

I currently live in Wollongong and work in Sydney. I leave the house at 6:30am on the dot. Any later than this and I will end up sprinting onto the train illegally without a ticket (much like today). The train leaves at 6:39am and whilst I can usually get there in about 6 minutes I often seem to find the slow drivers or I can’t find a park that’s not a 3 minute walk away. I then sit on the train for over an hour until about 7:52am (if the train is on time) before I walk between platforms and wait a few minutes to catch the train to the right station. My train usually gets into the station at 8:05am and from there I walk and roughly walk into the office at 8:22am.

In the afternoon I have to leave work early to make my train or else I have to wait like half an hour for the next one (beauties of living in Wollongong). So I leave work at 5:20pm, again this is very calculated however if I leave later I can manage it but it’s a big rush and includes praying for there not to be a line at the ticket machine which there almost always is. I catch the 5:39pm train back to the station I switch at and usually with about 8-10 minutes to spare depending on how on time everything is running. I get my train at 5:56pm and arrive at my Wollongong station at 7:14pm, by the time I walk over the station to the other side, walk to my car, and finally drive home, it’s usually 7:27pm. So essentially for the sake of being short, I leave at 6:30am and get home at 7:30pm.

Why is this good? There are obviously many ups and downs. I prefer to try and see the good in things so I’ll do the pros to long commutes first;

Because it’s a train, I never have to worry about traffic. I will be at work at the same time everyday provided something doesn’t happen. I don’t pay nearly as much as I would to drive. I am also able to sleep should I get tired. The trip is genuinely beautiful and the track runs through national park with incredible sea views as well. It’s inspiring for my writing. It forces me to make the most of my time and either meditate, listen to music, watch ted talks, listen to podcasts or write. I’m actually learning a lot because I have four hours of learning built around a day at work. I have also kickstarted my love for reading and so that’s always good for personal development (obviously depending on what type of books you’re reading).

A blessing and a curse is the fact that there’s very minimal reception the whole way, and by that I mean, I don’t even bother trying to get reception because it’s so patchy. So for the whole first trip, I rely on predownloaded podcasts and ted talks, or other forms of entertainment that don’t require reception. Old school.

A con is definitely that I have to share with a lot of people and sometimes I have to wake people up to get off and all that, which is pretty stressful. I don’t have any leeway with travel time which is hard bc I’m often late (much like this morning). When I’m late and don’t get a ticket, I spend the trip praying that I won’t get a fine which is actually very stressful on the body. Changing stations is also very stressful because by the time I need to change, there are that many people on the train that I almost get off a stop early. When I’m on the short train, I got via the airport which means that people are much more unforgiving, slow, tired and cranky so again I get stressed about getting on and off the train because sometimes I have to go far into the carriage only to come out a few stops later. Often you get very loud inconsiderate people. I’m currently having to listen to someone’s full dubstep playlist because they are playing it through their headphones at what I can only assume is full volume.

All in all, it gives me four hours of time that otherwise would have been lost in Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, sleeping and doing nothing else of value. This has forced me to organise myself, make breakfast every morning because my lunch time I’ve been up for almost 7 hours sometimes. It’s taught me a lot about time management. I used to sleep on the train everyday but then I’d get home at 7:30pm after an hour nap and wouldn’t be able to sleep until 1 in the morning. Anyways, commuting isn’t always bad. Public transport is better for the environment, it’s easier because you don’t have to pay someone and whilst it may be longer on average, I’ll never be late for work because the traffic was bad.

Jayqueline out.

Storytime ~ 3 girls, 5 days, a delayed flight and a lot of alcohol [part two]

Jumping right into the night out with the girls. I rock up about 2 hours sober compared to these gals. Hayley met me outside and I get my ‘I’m single’ stickers on so I’m ready for a party and everyone knows it. I go straight to the bar where we bump into Ash and Sarah and I buy multiple rounds of shots for myself and the girls. Of course they do nothing so we head to the dance floor but only for about 10 minutes before they announce that it’s time to head to the next club where the name says it all; “Sin City” (again). Because we’re 4 girls, we get bumped up to the front of the line and head straight in. Of course this wait was not as quick as I’ve made it out to be and the shots have started to settle in so we all decided to make a group trip to the toilets because what else is the club for if not a communal bathroom trip. Somehow this bathroom is even better than the one at The Bedroom. I rush off and the girls start taking selfies. There are lights everywhere it’s like a show room. Perfect for makeup before a concert or performance. Eventually I realise they are more ahead of me in their blood alcohol levels than I initially thought so I decide I need to go home and ‘rally’ if you will. I text them goodbye when I’m already exiting the club and I start the 8 minute walk home.

On my way walking home I come across two guys sitting on some steps on the street side trying to sell their music. They have CD’s in covers and are selling them for whatever the buyer believes it to be worth. I ask them about their music and decide ‘eh why not, I should give them some money for sure. I’m only going to use it for alcohol’. So I cross the road and go to the ATM thinking I’ll give them 20 each or get out $60 and give them 30 each. Of course the machine only did 50’s. So I get out $100 thinking I’ll be using the money later in the week anyway. I ask the guy at the counter of the convenience store next door if he has some change for me and he says no, rather aggressively actually. So I head back over to the musicians, I get very dramatic and explain the story and how I could only get 50’s. They’re both such genuine soles and are sitting there consoling me about how it’s okay to disappoint them and then I pull out my hands and simply say ‘so I’m going to have to give you 50 each’ and their reaction was totally worth it. They gave me extra CD’s and thanked me over and over again. To me it was 100 dollars but to them who knows what it means but they were definitely more appreciative than most are for anything. Psyche and Foster I believe are the names of those two artists. Their music is actually quite good which is rare these days but hey, budding musicians should always be supported in my eyes. It’s a hard industry to get into and they were spending their Friday night sitting on the street.

Anyways, I eventually got home and even though the whole walk home I was telling myself I was going to come back and head back out, the second I stepped foot into that room, everything changed. Maddy was home and still up (for it wasn’t even 12 yet) and I talked her through my thoughts, not because I thought she cared but because I needed to talk it through. I decided to stay home. I had a shower, washed my makeup off and got into my pyjamas. I had a text saying the girls were coming home anyway because Hayley couldn’t stay out any longer and apparently needed to be put to bed. But that second before I climbed up my ladder I stopped as I heard them coming up the stairs to our room. I knew I’d have to let them in so I opened the door and into my arms falls Hayley. Definitely needed to sleep that off. Meanwhile Sarah and I farewelled Ash as she headed down to her room. Sarah and I chatted for a bit about what they got up to since I’d left and then she said she was still keen to head out. This is where the devil rally voice comes out and tells me I shoul head back out. So I get changed back into my outfit, Sarah redoes all my makeup and we sit outside as I drink as much goon as I can in the shortest period of time. The night clerk comes through and smells my goon and lemonade and asks if it’s goon (alcohol is prohibited), I don’t say anything as he makes a reassumption that it’s just lemonade and I joke around with him and agree. Eventually he leaves and Sarah and I begin munching on a bag of salt and vinegar chips before I have the ingenious idea to get two ciders, hide them in the chip bag and that way we can head out to the town. On our way we find a trolley so naturally sarah jumps in, we Snapchat it all whilst laughing hysterically and drinking the cider and eating the chips.

We head straight back to sin city and Sarah finds herself a lad who happens to be staying in the Q1 (very fancy tall building). So we head back there briefly for the snap and then we leave. Not a moment after the front door shuts, Sarah realises her clutch is in their room still. Not remembering that Q1 guy (literally can’t remember his name) his phone was dead, we both called him a million times before I had a very ‘Mike from Suits’ moment and remembered the room number. We buzzed it, he came down with her clutch and we proceeds to walk the wrong way down the tram line before sneaking on (illegally I know) and walking home. Whilst the walk home was uneventful, getting in the door was something else. Or should I say in Sarah’s case climbing through the window because she ‘forgot the key’. That was a snapchat to never forget. Anyways, she did that and then we got inside and went to bed.

Of course the next day I wake up to find the key I used to get in the first time, was in my pocket still – which was hilarious for me, Sarah didn’t quite think so. Anyways the next day we did the same thing as before, Vegemite toast for breakfast, a swim in the pool and then by 11 when the sun got gross we headed for PAC Fair with all the air conditioning. Oh and yes we bid farewell to Ash with promises of seeing her in Sydney sometime the following week.

I’m thinking a part three is in order.

Jayqueline out.