what’s my plan?

a question i have been asked countless times in the past few weeks. there’s something that is very unsettling to a lot of people about not having a plan and not knowing what i am doing.

even if i tell people where i’m aiming to go or what i know so far, once i get to the part where i have no idea, people ask me over and over again. what i know and what is planned is this; i will fly out of Singapore in a few days and start my travels. i will fly to Athens and spend a few days there, then i will catch a ferry to Mykonos where i will start my Greek Island tour sort of thing (not really a tour – basically just my transfers paid for etc.).

once i have finished all of the Greek Islands i will fly to London to see my friend who is there for an internship. i am planning to be there for about a week (none of this is booked yet) and then i will head down to Spain for a family friends wedding. this takes me to the very end of July where my plan ends. i will head to Germany and The Netherlands to visit a few friends and i would like to go to Portugal and eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, the Balkan states, all that good stuff).

it is okay not to have a plan. i will be okay. if i am not, i will come home and start again. some of my friends think i’m just going to run out of money and end up coming home in a month. if that is the case, fine. do i regret going over? no. people keep trying to ask me ‘my plan’ in different ways to see if they can get an answer so they can understand my trip. they want to put it into a box but the truth is, i don’t have any answers, i don’t have a plan and i don’t have a box. ‘what if you run out of money?’ – is it not the same as if i ran out of money in Australia at home? i ask; why is money everything? sure money buys you things but we really don’t need as much as we think we do. i can couch surf, i can sleep on a beach, i can work for my accommodation. i am happy to do whatever i need to do to make the trip work. ‘when are you coming home?’ – well i don’t really have a home right now so it’s an invalid question to start with. also why do i have to be in such a rush to come back to Australia in the first place? i have been there for 20 years. i have no idea when i will ‘go home’ but if i can help it, it will be a while.

you can’t plan for travel even if you want to. things will inevitably go wrong and pre-booking and planning everything down to the final detail will only make things more stressful when it all unravels because a plane was delayed or a hotel missed your booking. by going with the flow as much as i can, i have ultimate freedom and LESS stress overall.

food for thought. where is your next trip? no idea? great, give it a go and see how that goes for you.

Jax Goes OUT.

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